Monday, September 21, 2009


still not enough water flowing through my usual haunt so checked it out a little closer to civilization. water was flowing good and had a little tint to it, perfect for streamers. fished my way up about a mile picking up a few fish and losing a few as well. on the way down a couple of fish swirled at my fly but did not hook anything else. it made me nervous the couple of times i crossed the river. with the river tinted i couldn't see bottom and being waist deep in the current made me a little nervous. had 1 real nice fish come completely out of the water trying to nab my fly as i pulled it up for another cast. that bummed me out. there was a nice little hatch of some cream colored mayflies about a size 14. seeing them buzzing around, at first i thought they looked just like crane flies except for the forked tail. they were some big mayflies, but didn't see any risers at all. took a couple of browns and a rainbow this evening.


bad fish said...

thats a gnarly streamer. what flavor is it?

mike doughty said...

if you're talking about the yellow one in the fish's mouth then it's an articulated zoo cougar. the other one that is on the hook keeper is something of my own creation, it didn't hook shit.