Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Dark Side

Well i finally broke down and gave the streamers a rest. i was released early from work and with thebeautiful weather we've been having i had to hit the river. i contemplated streamers again but decided i would cross-over to the dark side and throw some egg patterns. i did throw a couple of other nymph patterns but the only things that were taking fish were the eggs so eventually i was just chucking a double egg nymph rig. kind of sucked doing it but the fishing was much improved to my last handful of times out. took a handful of fish, some smaller and some bigger. watch where you walk cause the redds are plentiful. one observation i had was that the orange fence that crossed the river is gone. i hope it was the land owner and not some jack-ass recreationalist.


Pat said...

Well sometimes the darkside usually has to be crossed to get yourself into a couple. Nice Browns though boss!!

BG said...

Nice fish Mike!!