Saturday, October 17, 2009

Local Waters in the 801

My kids flew back to colorado today so after i got home from the airport i got the o.k. from the wife to hit some water. i went to a place i had parked at before and instantly noticed that the river looked like it had dropped another few feet since i was there last. this time fished upstream instead of down, since i hadn't fished up before. rigged up with an articulated white zoo cougar i started pounding the water. as i fished up i started hearing some pistol shots up river from me and didn't think anything about it until i heard a bullet whiz by. holy shit did that get my attention. i quickly reeled up and tried to make myself visible to whoever was shooting. i got into a position that i could see them and it just looked like they were shooting at a target of some sorts. they eventually saw me and stopped shooting for a bit until i was well past them. it sucked to have to reel up and move quickly past cause i had to skip over some good looking water. shit happens! the very first run after i started chucking again i moved a couple of fish. no hook-ups so up i continued. next run a fish caught me sleeping. as i was stripping a fish nail my fly hard enough that i pulled the line out of my fingers and by the time i got control of the line back it was gone. i continued to find some good looking water, even though the water was low, and continued to move fish. i eventually threw on a modified morrish mouse, with some cheeks on it, but did not move anything with it. went back to a streamer, a T&A brown pattern, and got into some more fish, landing 1. unfortunately while i was trying to get a pic of it, it decided it didn't want to be held anymore and flopped back into the river. i came to a bend and noticed around a dozen ducks in the river and on shore, but for some reason they didn't fly off as i approached. after careful inspection from about 20 yards i noticed that they were all decoys and thought it kind of weird that someone would leave all these decoys here. i continued to throw and after a couple of casts i was thinking to myself that i remembered hearing ducks just before i got there, then i dawned on me, am i 'f'ing up someones duck hunting, is there someone ina ground blind somewhere wondering what in the hell i'm doing? i survey the area and sure as shit i see someones head on the other side of this cluster of fallen logs and quickly apolagize and head back downstream. i hit/moved a couple of fish on the way down to the jeep but did not bring any to hand. and interesting night for sure.

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