Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fishing With Yoda

I was supposed to fish with michelle and pat today but they both ended up having to bail on me so i sent out a text to a few people and got a response from chris that cary had bailed on him. we met at the maverick and ventured east to a certain piece of the provo. i stuck with streamers changing patterns and colors 3 times but did not move a fish. chris started with a streamer but soon switch to the dark side, started nymphing and his rod was soon bent. a few whities a few browns and a cutt later and we were back at his truck exchanging the river for some stillwater action, at least for chris anyway. we made the haul to find that we had the lake pretty much to ourselves which was a big surprise, thank god for church and football. chris rigged with his typical lake nymph set-up was putting on a clinic right away, very yoda like, i on the other hand wanted to chuck my mouse pattern equipped with cheech sacks but couldn't find any interested fish. i was then throwing a white streamer which also didn't get any love and then chris tempted me with his set-up. i had none of my nymphing equipment so chris hooked me up. woo hoo, i was finally into a fish. although i was hoping tiger i got a fat beautiful cutthroat so the day was not all lost. chris did get into some more fish but i did not. it seems that each time i fish with chris i am watching a clinic. it's almost like he knows what he's doing. the wind was pretty stout so we packed it in for the day.


dmnaz1 said...

Sounds like a great day. Fantastic pics!

Genericyclist said...

Great pics! As a newb, the Weeb gave me a taste, but the middle has made me a junkie! This shit is all I think about, nice blog!

Pat said...

Great pics Mike, love the Cutt pics!!