Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quality Over Quantity

great colors

the pig sticker was the ticket

my 1 good fish

taking a drink

a happy customer

photo session is over

i prefer them with a bit more color

slab of the day

she had some bad eggs

all about the focus

Pat M on the trigger

seeing eye to eye

clean fish

i leave it alone for 5 minutes and........
the way it should be

Today was not a numbers game by any means, in fact we each only pulled a few fish each. we did however, each take 1 fish over 20", with pat taking a beast at 24 1/2". i had hopes of pulling some on top and with a steamer so i rigged up 2 rods, one for each method. neither produced though. i did see afew risers but i couldn't entice anything, throwing a midge pattern, 2 different bwo patterns and a caddis. i soon switched to a nymph set up and the pig sticker started reaping dividends right off the bat. pat was muscleing fish with a pig sticker and an egg dropper, oth flies produced. the weather was great, in fact almost to great as we got cooked. the wind was very cooperative and the sun was quite pleasant. there were some midges, bwo's and caddis popping off but i think it is probably stil a 3-4 weeks away from really being good on top.tommorrow i head after cutties in the same general direction, can't wait!


Bigerrfish said...

Looks like a ball,,,, going for the cuttys up there huh? well after seeing the big rainbows, and the eggs,,, sounds like a cutt could get taken on an egg,,, I'm not big on eggs... but the cutthroats seam to eat alot of em.... good luck.. looking forward to the pics..

Capt. Charles R. Craumer said...

mike d. crushing the 307. nice fish.

Capt. Charles R. Craumer said...

mike d. crushing the 307. nice fish.

Troutdawg said...

Nice write up!

Kev2380 said...

Awesome post, the purple on some of those fish is pretty vibrant.