Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 streams....2 peeps....2 fish

I picked up nich at his house at 7:30. we drove to the first of three stream. i hooked up within the first 1/2 hour but promptly lost that fish, which ended up being it for me for the day. we fished a couple of different sections on this stream but nothing was happening. after a couple of hours we drove to stream number 2 which was just over the hill. we didn't find any fish but did stumble on someones humble abode. actually i think they had moved out by the look of things. it was funished with an upside down shopping cart with a sign that read, "hungry please help",a dozen or so empty can of veggies and fruits, a pair of camoflauge pants and a camo goucho of some sort. i really expected to find a dead body laying amongst the mess. with no fish to been had or seen we drove to stream number three and it proved to be just as unproductive, except one cuttie that nich mustered up. the third stream was considerably higher in altitude with still some snow around. up there the winds were kicking at a guestimated 40 mph gusts. the colder temps., the winds and the fact that it started snowing on us at the end made for some cold ass fishing. all in all it was a shitty day for both and considering we fished 3 waters and i didn't catch one fish i would say that it was probably the worst day of fishing i've ever had.


Pat said...

Ya know its tough when Mike gets skunked!

mike doughty said...

yea it sucked really bad pat, but still it was better then not getting out at all.