Sunday, May 2, 2010

7 miles

With the may 10th deadline looming from HB141 we changed our plans on where to fish and decided on possably one last shot at this very long stretch of water. the weather was a little chilly most of the day and the sun was hit and miss. there were a good number of BWO's coming off and we even saw a few risers, but today was another streamer day. the sex parakeet was on fire for the 1st half of the day and again olive was the preferred color. i did catch a couple on white and 1 on a yellow/brown combo. i landed a decent number of fish and if i had landed everything i either had hooked or hit my fly it would've been roughly a 25 fish day. i never land everything i hook so that was very unrealistic. jake landed a few fish and pat had a tough day and only landed 1 fish but it was the biggest of the day. on the river at 730am off the river at 630pm made for an extremely long day. all in all it was a pretty decent day and hopefully in the near future HB141 will be shot down by the supreme court again so we will have more opportunities to fish this stretch again.

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softhacke said...

Thats a long bitch, but you made it work for you, nice fish Pat..