Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clearing Some Property

Michelle's cousins husband has some acreage in wyoming so i picked him friday afternoon to head up there and clear a road for a yurt they are putting in. as it turned out some of his friends that were supposed to come up and help couldn't make it. we got up there early so we could get camp set up and the ladies showed up in the evening after work and one of steves buddies showed up saturday afternoon. saturday was the work day so the whole day was spent chainsawing down trees, which was mostly my job, and steve, the owner, spent the day on the quad pulling out the debris. the ladies and the kids also helped pull out fallen trees. we got the road cleared out by about 6pm. the cicadas were also out in force buzzing up a storm. we just got home and after 3 days of dirt, bug spray and chainsaw oil i was ready for a shower. unfortunately there was no time to fish so i didn't even bring my gear.


AYearOnTheFly said...

What can I say, those are great bug pics and a bit of workout to go with it. Love the rest of your blog too. I look forward to following it

mike doughty said...

yes it was a workout. glad you like the blog