Saturday, April 24, 2010

Salmonfly Reintroduction Project

The salmonfly relocation project put on by trout unlimited and the university of utah went down today. i took austin with me fora day of rounding up salmonflies. we met up with about 20 other volunteers on the river. the weather was a little chilly in the morning but quickly heated up. the day was filled with turning over rocks and seining. i have never seen so many of these specimens on a river. it was pretty cool. most of the salmonflies were in the inch range with a decen number in the 2 inch range. i didn't realize that river had so much aquatic life. we seined drakes, cranefly larva, baetis, skwalas, various caddis and of course salmonflies.come afternoon some smaller caddis started popping off and i even had an adult skwala land on my shoulder. originally TU was looking to pull about 1,000 salmonflies but since there were so damn many they looked to get more around 3,000. we were done collecting around 11:00 ad then we all heading over to the logan to transplant them. we were all said and done at about 1pm. it was a very enjoyable day and i look forward to doing it next year.

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Bigerrfish said...

You liked all the bugs in the water did ya? I like em too! we know what else likes em..... don't we? yum yum