Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Day With Austin

I finally talked austin, my future step son, to come out to the river with me. i went and bought him some waders and off we went. we got all the way to the river and i realized that i forgot my rod. man was i bummed! austin told me not to worry about it and let's just walk the river and enjoy nature. i was surprised by that answer. he has never been on a river so he had a blast and was fascinated by the waders, walking in water and not getting wet. we turned over lots of rocks and i taught him about some of the insects. i showed hime some of last years stonefly shucks that were underneath the bridge. the first rock i turned over produced a nice big salmonfly. the only onei've seen this year so far. i got excited. couldn't find anymore, just some caddis larva and baetis. he kept thanking me for taking him and he can't wait to come out again.


Steelie Mike said...

Very cool Mike, Nice Yankee hat as well.

Chasin Trout said...

Awesome story, Glad he had a good time. My first child was born last week and I can not wait to teach him about the river and fishin.

mike doughty said...

mike i'd like to piss on that yankess hat