Friday, April 16, 2010

A Little Slow Today

I won't be able to do any fishing this weekend so i made sure to get out today. i pulled up to where i usually park and while i was rigging up a guy on a quad pulled up and asked me if i had permission from the land owner to access his property. i told him that i just walk the creek down. he seemed a little in disbelief that i walked the creek cause it's kind of a bitch to walk. i told him that yes, the creek can be a pain to walk but that i do stay in the bed. he said that if i wanted i could park on his property behind his hay barn and just walk his property down to the river. i thanked him for the gesture and he said whenever i come up just to let him know i am there and i can utilize his property. he was a real nice guy. anyway the water was perfect, i pulled to small fish right away on a skwala dry and had another good fish follow it for about 10 feet and when it looked like he took it, i set the hook only to find that he hadn't taken it and never even felt the hook. i took a couple more fish nymphing stones. it was the slowest day i've had there in a minute, but taking a couple more fish on top was nice.

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