Friday, April 23, 2010

A Moving Intermission

So we have been moving all week and naturally it has cut into my fishing time. i have tried to get out for a couple of hours before work and between moving for the last couple of days. weather has deterred me. i made it a point regardless of weather to get out today. i'm glad i did. once i got through the canyon the weather cleared up a bit. the water is up and off color a little, very condusive to streamers. i was on the water for 2 1/2 hours throwing an olive sex parakeet. 6 fish landed and 2 lost. i was hoping for at least 1 fish in the 20" range to make my day even better. i had him but lost him. cast to the far bank along this partially submerged clump of grass., i got in 1 strip and the water exploded. the fish jumped once so i got a good look, it was definately the fish i was hoping i got him in close i pulled out my net and knelt down to scoop him up and just before i could scoop, my hook came out and off he went. talk about disappointed. i threw to that hole a handful more times to try and conjur him up again, knowing i wouldn't, but i did take a solid cutt instead.

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Royal Wulff said...

nice, those are the ones you remember on those cold winter nights. Almost better in a way~ Mike