Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Pre-Op Outing

While tying some more streamers last night i started feening to chuck streamers. i was tying a bunch of olive sex parakeets and they were looking good. i got up this morning and even though it hurt to move around i was determined to fish some water before i have back surgery in the morning. although it seemed strange to start off with anything other then white, i rigged up with an olive sex parakeet and gingerly made my way down to the river. i chose a fairly short section to fish just in case the pain got to much for me, i would'nt have to much of a walk back. i fished my way up to a certain point then fished my way back down. i was only on the water for bout 3 hrs. the fish were pretty active. i took 3 small browns and 1 decent cuttie. i also lost a few and had numerous hits. i needed to get out for my own good seeings how i don't know how long i'll be laid up after surgery tommorrow. it's gonna drive me nuts!


Scott said...

Glad you could get out, Mike! Best of luck tomorrow and heal up fast!!!

Those sex parakeets are sexy wicked!!!

ahope said...

Now that's my kind of fly. Nicely done.

Bigerrfish said...

awww man,,, well good luck tomorrow, you got this!! by the way, aren't you not, supposed to have sex parakeets until you,, get married?