Friday, March 19, 2010

Muddy Waters.......

cuttie face

felt the sting of both hooks

quite a mouthful

this little guy was sporting snake bites

olive was productive

once you go black........
no wonder land owners hate us

I'm still trying to take as much advantage of my surgery time off as possable. i went out again today for a few hours. i hit one of the usual spots and right away noticed that water is being released from somewhere cause the river was up and pretty stained. i contemplated trying to find some clearer water but a quick call to corey changed my mind. i was quickly convinced that the clearity was fine when i landed a nice little cuttie. by the time i was done for the day i had landed 5 fish, lost 2 and had several hits and chases. i did come acrossed this nice little pile of brews, no wonder land owners want us off their land. on my way out i loaded up the net. it was better then i expected.


Bigerrfish said...

Nice group of nice fish and good job on netting up the beer cans Im sure that redneck ass hole stumbled out of there with a smile too,,, hope your healing up well!

mike doughty said...

thaks bigerrfish. im healing up fairly well.