Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Little Jaunt North

John and i made our annual trip north to chase some boots. we headed out bright and early monday morning. once we got past boise it seemed the rest of the drive flew by. we got to the cabin with a couple of hours left of daylight. before unloading the jeep we rigged up a rod each. and walked down to an nearby hole. both sides of the hole had lines being tossed but no one was near the rock that we like to fish off of. i was ready first so i walked out to the rock and 4 casts later i was tight to a fish. after a few minutes of dancing with this hatchery fish i swapped out with john for the rock. unfortunately my fish was the only one of the evening. we finished our first evening with the usual campfire and a fist full of brewski's.

Day 1 - Morning came early. the morning started out overcast but by 10am the sun was out and the layers of clothes started to come off. it took awhile for either of us to hit any fish but john finally got on the board with a smallish hatchery buck. when i say smallish i mean 25" which is pretty small for the standard fish that come through that system. we spent all day flinging a variety of flies but the rest of the day was pretty un-eventful. that evening the beers weren't going down so well so we called it a night by 8:30.

Day 2 - Wedsnday morning we didn't seem so eager to get out of bed early so we didn't hit the river till bout 7:30. we were'nt on the river but maybe an hour before we got hungry and drove to a nearby town for some breakfast. after breakfast we drove around looking at some of the other holes that we were interested in hitting but they were all full of gear chuckers with a mixture of fly flingers. we did hit a couple of spots but we had no action of any sort, so we drove back towards the cabin. the money hole had an opening and i was first up. finally some action.....pulled in a nice hen that taped at 33 inches. a couple of good bonks to the head andwe went to the cabin to fillet it and have acouple of beers, man, were those going down good. they were going down so good that we, only half seriously, contemplated giving up on the fishing for the day and just getting hammered. as it turned out we might as well just continued to drink cause we didn't hardly touch another fish after mine was caught. after dinner the drink fest was on! we pounded beers all night to the point of falling down numerous times, blacking out and somehow we both ended up with charcoal on both of our faces. i don't remember taking all the pics that we did but that's how we found out that we were wearing charcoal during the course of the night.

Day 3 - Surprisingly i woke up by 6am and although i struggled with talking myself out of staying in bed, i got up. john was doing so well. as i was heading out to hitthe river john was just getting up to take a shower then he was going to meet me down there. i got to the hole and, holy shit, there were already 5 people in it and it was only 6:30am. 2 of them were fishing opposite of the hole from me and as luck would have it the other 3 that were on my side were congregated at the head of the hole. my rock was open for the taking. now i know i was still fairly drunk from the previous nights drinking but i cautiously waded my way out to the rock gather the best balance i could and let the eggs fly. half way through my first drift and my indicator took a dive. what a great way to start the day, 1 cast one fish. unfortunately it was a native fish so i couldn't keep it for the smoker. john finally made it down at bout 7:30 and by that time i had already caught 2 and lost 1, the second one that i caugth was a hatchery hen so it did not get tolive to see another day. by 9am i had already caught my limit and john was still trying to catch his first. john would occasionally get into one and then lose it. john went 0 for 9 on the day and was quite frustrated. after i limited out with 3 solid hens i did not get into another fish until bout 2:30 but since i had alreay caught my limit i let that fish swim again.

For the trip we came home with 6 fish for the smoker. the first 2 days were really slow but on the third day the morning was pretty damn good. glue eggs and beads were the ticket forall the fish taken. i may have to take michelle up there for the fall run for a couple of days.


Bigerrfish said...

sounds like a great time. great fish and awesome photos... two of them caught my eye real good.. first the one with your egg collection,,,way nice!! and the second one, puzzeling,, theres one that looks like the fish got in a fight and got hit in the face with a porkypine, what up with dat?

mike doughty said...

i'm not sure what happened to the head of the one steelhead.

jabberwock said...

one of these days I am going to have to bug you till you divulge the name of the cabin rental place.

Looks like a fantastic trip!


Pat said...

Look at all the stress John getting rid of. LOL Fucking Classic. Looks like I missed out!