Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small Stream....Small Fish

the hike in

salmon berries

foam beetle

tight casting

big fish of the day

yellow hopper
3 good fish in the bottom of this pool
looking up
cutt-bow on the sgt. slaughter
more stream
some stream
rays of light

I figure i put about 10 miles on aging legs today, just in hopes of getting into some 12ish inch fish. as it turned out i did. the hike around the lake was a bit longer then i remember and then i fished up the creek 4 1/2 hours. i went up twice as far as last year when i fished the creek and i got into a lot of fish and several good fish, most of which i lost but i did land a couple of the better fish. all the fish, i'm pretty sure, were cutt-bows and one of them really stood out as it was alot more colored up then the rest, really red underside and cheeks. once i left the water to start the long journey back i got side tracked on some game trails and ended up having to bush wack through all sorts of sage brush and because i wore shorts today my legs paid for it. today really wore me out and i don't think i'll be making that hike again this year.


Bigerrfish said...

I hear ya on the shorts, on a float trip we had a boat tear open and had to walk to the highway, well I had to walk, about 3 miles in the brush, in shorts, with legs that were numb from the cold water. bad deal now I hardly ever wear shorts fishing.

jabberwock said...

beautiful creek. Often the solitude and surroundings outweigh the size of the fidh.

Scott D said...

That is one gorgeous water. Nice photos.

I rarely wear shorts while fishing anymore, too many cuts and bug bites. It just isn't worth it.