Monday, December 21, 2009

X-mas Break Day 1 - The Ogden

egg.....left corner pocket

premature ejaculation........amatuer!

one of my better fish on the day

small fish, big shoulders

really like all the red especially under the tail

the release

head macro

i hate to resort to eggs


a new fence

first fish - ray charles

I had every intent of going to work this morning but last night found out i had my vacation days mixed up so i am off for the whole week. so 3 days off before heading to idaho for x-mas means 3 days of fishing. i had seen some updates on the ogden so since i didn't get out of the house very early i figured i would give the ogden a go. i got to the river and made the long walk tricky walk in. the river was actually flowing lower then i had hoped/expected but i made the best of it. in the first 100 yards roughly i saw that the land owner had thrown up a fence crossing the river, it wasn't there in september. the fishing started off slow picking up a fish here and there. wasn't till i was bout 1/2 way done that i started kicking up fish in spots that i wasn't expecting to. i figured that since the spawn was over that most of the fish would be chilling in deeper water. from where the fish were being kicked up it looked like really small reds. really small compared to the ones i'm used to seeing on the weber anyway. there were actuall still some fish on redds in the ogden. i guess the fish spawn later there then some other rivers. most of the fish i was catching were in less then 2 feet of water in the smaller runs. i did pick up a couple in the deeper holes but they didn't seem as active there. caught a dozen or so browns and 1 whitey. a jerry's baetis and a crystal egg were the primary attention getters. i did take fish on a mikes midge and a ray charles as well. the weather was perfect, sun was out, no wind, warm temperatures and willing fish made for a really enjoyable day. i also met ken browning's (softhackes) brother and was able to get a ride back to my jeep. the ride was appreciated.


softhacke said...

Sweet Mike, i love the first photo of that browns head.

J said...

Lucky i didnt go or you would have gotten skunked ;)