Tuesday, December 22, 2009

X-mas Break Day 2 - BSF

Another day another bail. jerry and i were supposed to head east and check out some waters but when i woke up i had a text saying he had to bail to have lunch with his girlfriend.......can you believe that shit?! so i instead headed north to check out the bear and the bsf. the bear is really what i wanted to fish but it wasn't much more then a slow trickle. i drove up to the dam checking out a couple of spots and surprising the browns were still on redds. the fact that the fish were stillon redds and the water was a trickle i didn't see any sport in fishing for them so i drove over to the bsf. there was plenty of water flowing there. i took a couple right of the bat with a prince nymph and then 1 on a pigsticker. aways up from where i started i started seeing redds and a few fish milling around. after a short dry spell i switched to an egg pattern and the fishing got hot. i stuck with eggs from there on out until i lost all my eggs. the bsf has so many snags throughout the river that it didn't take long to lose a butt load of flies. by the time i lost my last egg pattern it was 3:30 so i called it a day. again nothing big today, 8-14 inches, all browns and a couple of cutts. we will c how tommorrow goes.


featherhook said...

looks to be a nice time on the water for sure! even the non-spawn cutts were playn' lego my eggo? LOL ;0)

J said...

Oh boo hoo...if it wasnt for my signature series flies you woulda been ass out ;)