Wednesday, December 23, 2009

X-Mas Break Day 3 - The ????

Day 3 of my x-mas break came and went with some nice browns to hand. i headed east to this section since i hadn't fished it in over a year and it has some really nice browns in it. the last 2 days were filled with smaller fish and i was anxious at a shot at some 20" fish. unfortunately i didn't catch and 20+ inch fish but did manage some really nice browns none the less. the browns were strong and did not disappoint with the arial displays. generally when i fish here the flows are considerably lower, around 70-80cfs, causing the fish to stack up but today at 148cfs the fish were definately more spread out and a bit harder to locate. i think 100cfs or so would be perfect. the 1st hour of the day was ideal conditions, warm, no wind and peaceful. after that the wind really got howling and made for some cold and uncomfortable conditions and once i got cold i couldn't quite get the chill out of my bones. the only flies that produced today were a small rainbow sow and a jerry's baetis. it would have been nice to have been able to spend more time on the river since i drove 6 hours to fish 4, but the healthy fish made the trip worth while.

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