Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Whitefish Sunday

photo by coreyk

heads or tails

photo by coreyk.....altered by me

that's a tree

1st trout on a pig sticker

corey on the weeb

damn whitey on the furry fucker

whitey on the furry fucker

frozen foam
a stupid whitey
Me and corey went out to the middle weber and as soon as i got out of the jeep i was wishing i had stayed home in a nice warm house. it was around 15 degrees today and i was hurtin. the browns were elusive today except for 2 in the 10" range that i musceled in. there were tons of whitefish to be had and i did manage 1 nice cutty on a wire bodied pig sticker. it is the first trout that i have landed on that fly. a furry fusker was producing nicely for whities and my flashback hares ear got the whities attention as well. i was able to check out my fix job on my waders and although i fixed most of the leak there is still a small one left andmy foot payed for it today. as cold as it was i wish i had just stayed home and tied flies but at the same time it was nice to get out and tangle with some feesh.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see someone brave enough to get out there in this cold and do a little fishing. I'm definitely holed up for a while. Looks like a couple of decent fish in there. Have you ever smoked the whitefish (not toked, but cured by smoke)? They're supposed to take the smoke pretty well and end up a decent eating fish that way. Whites were some of the first fish I consistently caught on a fly, so I have a *little* bit of a soft spot for them.

mike doughty said...

no scott i never have smoked or eatn' whitey for that matter. i have heard they are not that bad smoked