Tuesday, August 4, 2009

3 Days in Montana

took on a shit load of insects on the drive over

daves fatty brown

the pimp ride

decisions decisions

in hot pursuit

joes 21" jefferson brown

ruby moose

storm coming on the ruby

small beaverhead brown

dave getting it done

every once in awhile

the goldmember

joe on the sticks

the chubby

the pelicans are out of there

joe keeping a watchful eye

joe willauer

Well my 9 days on the road was shortened due to an unforseen event at home but shit happens. spent 3 days with a buddy who guides up in twin bridges and we hit the usual stuff in that area. day 1 we floated a section of the beaverhead during the firast half of the day and the jefferson the second half. 3 of us on the beaverhead only took 2 fish and five of us on the jeff only took maybe 10 fish. day 2 my buddy joe had to guide so i ventured to the ruby on my own. i started with hoppers only pulling 1 small brown and fished up until i caught up with another angler. fishing back down i switched to streamers and moved a good number of fish and only had 1 committ be it came unpinned. day 3 myself, dave and joe did a 14 mile float starting on the big hole and floating into the jefferson. this day was nothing to write home about but it was much more productive then the previous two. all 3 of us threw hoppers although i did chuck streamers for a bit, catching a couple of moving many. in all 3 days most of the fish were small ranging from 12-16" with joe pulling a 21" brown on the jeff the first day. i was on my way to oregon when i got bad news from home and decided it best to come back and take care of things. this past week there had been a number of storms come through and apparently put the fish down for the most part. after each night of fishing we would go back to the shop, drink and b.s. with the other guides and nobody had been doing worth a shit while i was there. although the fishing was pretty shitty it was still fun to fish some differetn waters and get guide service without the guide price.

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Anonymous said...

"Guide service without the guide price." Always a nice feature of any fishing trip. One nice thing about fishing with people you enjoy being with is that when the fishing stinks, the company's still good. Too bad about the few fish and the quick end to the long trip. I hope everything is OK back at home.

-scott c