Friday, August 7, 2009

Blame it on The Storms

Spent the day fish with chris on the south slope. the weather was looking bleek from the time i got up and had hoped that once we got over the pass the weather would change for the better. it did not. all day long we had clouds, winds thunder, some rain and some lightning. needless to say i think the weather kept the fish in active for the most part. we did manage a few small fish and chris did catch 1 bigger fish but it was far from eventful. i did stop at the weber on my way home to check out a new section. there was to much water flowing through there so wading was tough and because of flows and depth i was only able to stay right around the bridge. sunday elsewhere will hopefully be better.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! I've never fished the Weber (it's always been on my list, but I usually head north when I leave Cache Valley). Is the water high because of the rain the last couple of days, or is it still high from the spring storms? I've noticed the Logan is running a bit higher than normal too and I think it is from the spring rains.

Nice photos!

-scott c

mike doughty said...

i think that section of riveris high due to irrigation purposes. it is running high till it gets to the diversion. the water is being diverted away from the river at the diversion dam. on the other side of the diversion the weber is not much more then a trickle.

jabberwock said...

Me, I'd go over the rail of the bridge and down its footing in a heartbeat, and give the bird to the sign when I hit the water. Looks like a good access point to me (that is somewhere in Utah right?)

mike doughty said...

actually jabber on the other side even though there is a fence i was able to step over it and walk down. it didn't say private property or keep out where i accessed. there were fences on all 4 corners. yes it is in utah. weber river