Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Few Hours With Michelle

Michelle wanted to try some fishing at night thinking her chances would be better at catching fish on a streamer. i couldn't disagree with that. we drove to a spot where i had moved plenty of fish a couple of days ago so my hopes were certainly up. well michelle threw streamers for the 4 hrs. we were out and didn't move a fish. i started and finished with a streamer not moving afish but in between i switched to a floating line and a mouse and did managed to catch my first fish on a mouse pattern, which was a plus. that was the only fish that we saw. after the storm came through last night today was fairly chilly and as evening set on the river we were able to see our breath. it's to early for that crap. i am thinking that the cold front again put the fish down.

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very cool report! Mike,

I like night fishing too, this report remind me Jon Wulff once said"it's the internal hope, the next cast" : )