Monday, August 17, 2009

Fishing With a Criminal

the 'riot'

nick right before the po po showed up

me putting the bike on display

sweet spots

the 1 fish on the hopper

i love this face full of streamer pic

streamer on the swing

pelicans in flight

toad 'bow'

fatty fish on the dropper

underwater macro

nick fish...nick photo

good cuttie......destroyed tail

nick's 21" 'bow'

Nick calls me the other day asking if i wanted to take his boat out on sunday and although i had planned on fishing by my lonesome on the weber how could i refuse some boat action. i had to stroll out of bed at 4:30 in the a.m. to meet up with nick. we make our way to the destination point and after getting the boat in the water nick drives away, with his new scooter in his vehicle, to drop off his rig and boat trailer at the take out point. so about an hour later while i'm sitting with the boat nick shows up on his 46cc's of road fury. before we could get it packed up and loaded into the boat the fish & game po po showed up with guns drawn and sirens blaring. ok no guns or sirens. this rookie looking dude comes over to check licenses and the pimpness that is the 'riot'. after writing down some notes and asking some questions the officer says "i don't know what it is, but you can't have it hear". apparently in the refuge any motorized vehicles have to be registered, which the scooter isn't. the bummer is is that anything under 50cc's, which the scooter is, can't be registered. the officer said he was just going to check with his boss on this one, but he would just issue a warning and take down nick's info. in case the scooter showed up again. if a ticket was given then it would have cost nick $170 bones. actually nick, returning from dropping off his rig, over shot his turn off and went a couple of miles to far, so if he had turned where he was supposed then the officer would have never seen the scooter. it's nick's own dam fault. anyway after the officer left we launched out with me rowing first and nick right off the bat doing the catching. with in maybe 8 casts nick netted a nice, fat 17-18" 'bow'. the day went pretty slowly for both of us. nick took fish on streamers and a dropper including a 21" beauty rainbow and i took a few fish on the dropper and 1 on a hopper. i chucked streamers quite a bit but lost all 3 fish that i hooked. nick's smallest fish was bigger then my biggest fish. the weather was great, a little crisp in the a.m., for about the first 2 hours then the wind got ridiculous. casting became a real challenge and nick pegged himself several times. it was an enjoyable float and it was my first time really rowing a drift boat so it was nice to get some experience there. i wish nick would've caught more fish so i didn't have to row so much. haha

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