Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chris Putting on a Clinic

so chris takes me to an area i had never fished before and for some reason on the drive over i felt amazingly lost. we arrive at our location and it is a beautiful, remote and peaceful area. as we make our decent down the ravine towards the river i couldn't help but periodically stop and admire my surroundings. out in the middle of no where and not a soul around. it's hard to beat that. we make our way to the top of the canyon and decide to start fishing our way up from there. the first really nice hole the we come to is full of feeding fish. we could see them holding on the bottom, then rising, then moving side to side and it appeared that they were feeding on either the small amount of caddis or mayflies that were coming off. chris was throwing a hopper/dropper set up while i was sticking with just a hopper, for the most part. but after not much love from either i went with a deer hair caddis/comparadun combo and it was at least paying off a little. i took a couple of fish on both patterns, all nice little cutts. after we thoroughly worked these fish over we continued fishing our way up hitting every little nook and cranny. i eventually swithced back to a hopper and when it proved to have not picked up much more business then before i went to a beetle which i had never caught a fish on before. i ended up taking 2 cutts on the beetle and then chose to re-tie another hopper on and stick with it through thick and thin. we continued to pick up fish the rest of the day, actually i should say that chris continued to kill the fish with his furry fucker all day long. that dropper was on fire. it was a clinic for sure. i managed to pick up a few more here and there but chris was lights out. it was a long walk back up to the vehicle with me taking to spills on the trail. wet felt and grass do not mix. it was a fun day catching my favorite of the trout species. one thing that we did notice is that all of the few rainbows that were caught appeared to have some sort of disease, which we were assuming was whirling disease. i did get a pick of 1 'bow' that clearly had whirling disease.

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Luke C Photo said...

cutts look really nice. its always nice when at least one person in the group has got a hot hand/fly.