Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Red Barn Up

i had to bail on corey for tommorrow cause i forgot about a previous engagement already made. michelle said she would like to go today so as soon as she got off work i was there to pick her up. other then throwing some buggers on lakes she has never thrown a true streamer and certainly not on a river. her casting still needs work and her stripping was a bit slow at times but i felt she was slowly getting it somewhat down. the river is really low right now and most of the good holes in this section are frog water. we did not move afish until the sun started to go down and then the fish seemed a little more active. i was excited for michelle to catch her first streamered river fish and she had her chances but it didn't happen. she had one fish follow her fly to about 3 feet from her and then explode on the water which startled the hell out of her. when it was dark and at our last hole she had two fish on and because she is still not clear on what to do when a fish is hooked, she left the rod tip down and pointed directly at the fish and the fish was jumping around. i have tried to tell her but it's a work in progress. she was throwing a T&A rainbow and i feel that because it was skimming acrossed the surface that the fish figured it was a mouse or a from. after losing two right away in that same hole i did manage to finally land one. not a big brown but a decent fish none the less. i think michelle is looking forward to doing that again.

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