Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Six Mile Hike And No Fishies

Me and the misses had talked about heading to the weber since it was in low clear conditions to wet some streamers but instead opted for a little cardio. we drove mirror lake hwy to pass lake trailhead with kamas lake cutties in mind, or at least that's what i had in mind. when we pulled into the parking lot i was alittle disappointed to see 5 other cars there but what was i thinking, it's damn near summer. on the hike up to the lake we came acrossed 3 other couples coming from the lake and none of them were fishing which was a big relief to me and when we got up there we had the lake to ourselves. i was there last fall and got into quite a few fish so like a dumbass i expected this to bethe same. i have a habit of doing that, thinking that if the fishing was good some time ago when i was there that i should be able to use the same flies and have the same success regardless of time of year. i rigged us both up with a sink line and some smaller streamers. we fished this way for a while with only michelle having one hit and a couple follows. i also rigged up a rod with a hopper which i was hopeful would work but no dice. i then spotted a couple of risers and noticed some midges dancing on the water. i ditched the hopper for a small comparadun/midge dry set up. nothing again. as we worked our way to the east side of the lake there was a little shallow cove with a few nice cutts cruising in the shallows. they didn't seem to concerned about us but had no interest in anything we had to offer. the mosquitos really started to get thick so we packed up and on our way down decided to take a trail heading towards the cuberant lakes in hopes of something to snap a few photos of. i have a feeling that we were close to at least one of the 5 cuberant lakes but it was starting to get late and with a 3 mile hike left to get to the jeep and an hour and a half drive back we decided to say the hell with it and hit the cuberants up another time. i still can't believe we didn't at least catch something.

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