Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two's Company......Fives a Crowd

refelction....glare? i don't know but i like it

love cutthroat spots

taking a break....corey working that bottle

kalvins release


bryans fish

sorry ass simms boots-corey with a blowout

black & yellow jj bugger (photo by matt)

Bryan, corey and kalvin had planned on making the long trek between intersections and if i didn't have to work i was going to play as well. as luck would have it i didn't have to work so i was in. matt, someone bryan knows, was gonna be fishing some of the same water so he was invited along as well. it was a large group but it was rather enjoyeable. the weather was hot as hell, the company was good and it was a very relaxing pace/day. i would've thought that between 5 experienced fisherman that we would have certainly taken more fish but it just wasn't happening. it could've been cause most of our fishing happened to be in the middle of the day or cause the flows were adjusted or maybe it was just one of those days. there were some nice fish stuck and some really nice fish lost and a fair amount of cussing going on. when you continue to miss fish there are going to be some words said. one odd thing was that we came acrossed probably 20-30 dead suckers along the river. that was very odd to see so many dead ones and it was only the suckers that were dead. it took us 8 hours to work our way up this section and really it seemed like more walking then fishing. when you are trying to leap frog 4 other people you walk a lot. by the end of the day my shopulders were sore from carrying my backpack, my feet hurt and i was just plain exhausted from all the sun. it was supposed to be 102 degrees today. don't know if it made it but it was hot.

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CoreyK said...

Those boots suck sh1t! Good times, even if the fishing was slow.