Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pat M Makes an Apperance

that's the one

the one on the rigth is an imposter

some sort of mayfly

playing with the macro

didn't come out clear at all

can't go wrong with the hummer stone

cuttie courtisy of pat
pats pig

fat cuttie

Pat said he hadn't fished since about april so we discussed on where to fish today. pat made a few suggestionsbut i was anxious to hit this little gem and since pat had never fished it it taken take much arm twisting on my part. we are always up for hitting new water. we both chose to stay top side today and it was good to see pat hook up in the first drift but unfortunately it came unbuttoned. it was a good sign that the fish were hitting on top right off the bat and it was still morning. we fished up maybe 2 miles worth of river if i had to guess and between the 2 of us we each caught a few really nice browns and cutts. i will have to say that the cutts on average are a lot bigger this year then they were last. the highlight of the day was a 20"+ brown that pat caught with a cicada pattern. an occurence happened today that i had never seen before. it's funny cause i was reading one of my fly fishing mag's the other day and i was reading an article on the one fly competition that jack dennis hosts and in the article the author was talking about how while fishing with jack dennis they were discussing interesting things that had happened during prior events and he was saying that one guy had hooked into a really big fish but busted off his fly so the guy figured he was done since he lost his fly. jack told him to wait a minute cause sometimes when a fly is busted off in a fishes mouth that the fish will spit it out. sure enough shortly after he lost his fly it came rising to the surface and he was able to continued in the tourney. sooooooooooooooo, pat is re-rigging so i start to throw my cicada in this run and a really nice fish sucks it down and during the fight my fly busts off and i see where the fish retreats to. i tie on another of the same pattern and start to make casts when sure as shit, right where i saw that fish retreat to, my fly pops up to the surface. i jumped in the river and got my fly back, crazy shit. anywaywe had a great day leap froggingfrom hole to hole picking up fish here and there.


Mark said...

great looking fish guys, I really like the look of those cutts. Pat, that is a real hog you caught.

What's it like to catch fish on a hopper?

RnF said...

Great story and pics. Pat, glad you were able to finally get out after such a long drought!

Pat said...

Thanks Mike for a great day out!! I missed about 3 fish guys before the rust came off. It was fun to see those tanks come up for those cicada patterns. I wont go that long again before hitting the water I can tell you that! LOL!! Thanks for the comments guys!

jabberwock said...

that was awfully neighborly of that fish, what returning you fly and what not.

Nice pig!