Thursday, July 23, 2009

Backyard Bliss

coreys moused brown - photo by corey

nice fly but didn't produce shit tonight

21" hen

cutthroat courtesy of corey

T&A rainbow = big by corey kruitbosch

photo by corey kruitbosch
In the land of streamers it was another slow day for as much water as me and corey covered. we met at the usual spot after work and the fishing was slow enough that it almost seemed like someone had pounded it before us. maybe matt showed up earlier and caught all the fish or maybe it was because they, being whoever, dropped the river so damn low compared to what it's been. i have to blame it on something right? pat showed me a T&A brown pattern that he had tied up a couple of weeks ago that looked pretty sweet so i tied one up and the only fish that i touched happened to be on that T&A brown and a T&A rainbow. the rainbow pattern did produce a solid 21" hen. that hen hit harder then any other fish i've ever had hit a streamer, startled the shit out of me. corey got frustrated with only 1 cutt on a streamer so he switched to a small mouse pattern and did take a nice little brown on that. that seemed to make everything all right for him. got to try out my new wading pants, they were pretty sweet and my korkers torrents soles started to fall apart on me. i'm beginning to rethink my liking that wading shoe.

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