Friday, July 10, 2009

.....I Think I'm Going To Switch To Streamers

one glory shot

photo by corey

this one made my night

one of several cutts

diggn the water effect

nasty streamer

corey stickn it to 'em

corey's pig and photo by corey

So myself and corey agree to meet in our back yard at 4pm after work and pound some water. corey was chucking the usual, streamers and i rigged up with a fat albert hoping to get something on top. after the first hour or so corey was getting some chases and occasionally stinging a fish. i, on the other hand wasn't seeing anything even hinting at liking what i was offering so i said, i think i'm going to switch to streamers. my sculpin poked and prauded the river but it wasn't until i switched to a T&A rainbow that i started seeing fish chase my fly with the ocassional hook-up. for some reason i couldn't stick those fish well enough and came up empty handed, but at least the fish seemed to be showing some interest. corey had tied on a streamer pattern of his creation and it was moving all sorts of fish. we reached a nice little run and corey laid the iron into a big strong fish that measured just over 20" i continued chucking my T&A, continuing to move fish but there continued to be a lot of hits and misses. continued landed a couple more including some cutts. corey feeling charitable offered me to throw one of his patterns buti resisted, for about a minute, then i folded like a lawn chair, and accepted his charity of his already proven pattern, at least tonight. we continued working our way up river and came to a deep bend that corey offered me to hit first since he was in the x-mas spirit. i made about 10 casts into this bend in various locations and on what i had planned on being my last cast before i moved up and solid fish smacked my streamer. a quick minute later and the net is consumed by a fat 20+" brown, the best fish i've taken in a while. we continued to fish up to our take out point while landed a couple more fish each, some browns and some more cutts. it was a nice evening with corey and my thanks for lending me his streamer, which i ended up breaking off while landed it to tight to the far bank.

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CoreyK said...

Ha! That was a damn fine time Mike .. It was more than satisfying to both of us get into a 20+ fish! After 6 months .. It was good to get out with you again! Welcome home!