Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Wife Insisted.....

Not really but if she's going to stay in bed all morning then i'm outta here. i started off on a small piece of crystal clear water hoping to get some fish to look up, not a chance. i had fished thru numerous runs, riffles, slack water, etc. without even a nudge. i was seeing fish just nothing willing to take a dry. i walked back to the jeep to see what nymphs i had in there. i was able to round up a few so switched over and started to tie on some nymphs. before i got that done i realized i forgot my indicators, i don't nymph without them. so, i still had my streamer rod in the jeep and rigged up so drove elsewhere to chuck the bigger stuff. hit a short section and managed to miss a bunch of fish, actually i didn't miss any, they just keep swiping at and missing my shit. i did manage a brown and a cutt though so it wasn't a total loss.

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