Friday, March 30, 2012

A Beat Down of Biblical Proportions

Lets's see, 2 1/2 hrs of driving, 6hrs of fishing and many photos of all of jon's fish before i even moved one. WTF?! oh well the one that i finally hit and landed was a stellar 24" brown. that was it for me the whole day. on the other hand, even though the day started off slow except one splake that jon caught right off the bat, eventually jon started roping fish after fish. a bunch of handsome 'bows' including one with one eye and a brilliantly colored hefer of a brown. jon landed about 10 fish but i would still say it was kind of a tough day. there was way to much sexy water that didn't even give a glimpse of anything swimming, throw on top of that the brutal winds and it was, at least in my eyes, a tough day of fishing, but hey i'm just happy to be able to get some pics of quality fish.


Scott D said...

Some hogs right there.

DerekO said...

Dope brownie

Steelie Mike said...

Looks like a great day Mike! That Splake was very cool.