Friday, March 2, 2012

Misty Mountain Hop

......Is what popped into my mind when looking up at the mountains and seeing the clouds descending upon them and the blowing snow from all the wind up there created kind of a misty feel upon the day. me and jon met at the river, it was the first time we had met. he wanted to get a little more of a feel for streamer fishing so off we went loaded for bear. i am certainly no expert but do it a lot more then he does so he wanted to see how i attack holes and runs. unfortunately i mostly able to show him how to miss fish cause like most days i missed most of them. we each only landed 2 fish so it was an incredibly slow day. not sure if it was cause of the recent storm or the high winds or just that the fish didn't care to plat much, but as long of a stretch as fished, it was slow. jon did land a nice cuttie and i finshed with a solid 20" brown. even though the fishing was garbage the bug population was not. it had to uv been the most midges i have ever seen. not much in the water or buzzing around but they littered the snow. at around 1ish the bwo's started to patrol the snow as well. this weekend is supposed to be a lot warmer so looking forward to it.

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AZWanderings said...

Love those bug pictures for sure. Beautiful photos as always.