Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Talking to the Almighty

So after work i ventured to the reever to see if it was cleared up enough to chuck meat. it was, so i got geared up and worked up stream. it started slow but i was optimistic that it would be just fine. i finally started to move some fish and for a few hours that seemed to be all i did was move fish. in about 3 hrs time i could only muster a 13" cuttie and lost a couple of others, one of which felt really heavy. the fish kept swiping and swiping and it seemed like they just were either not committed or because of clarity issues maybe their timing was off when trying to eat my fly. not really sure. it was getting frustrating so as i do quite often i started to talk to the good lord above, complaining to him that he could probably fix this lack of aggressiveness or depth perseption problem the fish were having but i told him that i didn't think that he would. not more then 10 minutes later i finally got railed but a respectable 17 incher. 3 casts later, tucked above and to the shore side of a big root ball was a small eddy about maybe 3x3 ft. wide. i plopped my yellow/olive streamer in that small eddy and before i could get a strip in the water exploded. moments later i was taking pics of a really nice 20 1/2 inch buck. the next hole up and it was a 20" hen. shortly there after it was time for me to head back to the jeep and head home. at least today, complianing to the right person, entity or whatever you want to call god, seemed to pay off.

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