Friday, March 23, 2012

Fish Friday

After work i headed out again. the private section i wanted to fish was running really high and wading/crossing would've been a real chore. the water is still a bit stained as well so with high water and not being able to see where i was stepping i chose to go elsewhere. i went below the diversion and the water was low and clear. a lot lower then i prefer but still fishable. today i had a much better catch rate then recent outings. i think with the clearer water the fish's depth perception was better and they were able hit the fly just right to get hooked instead of constantly missing it. the action started quickly and never really tapered off. i fished up to the diversion to find just a trickle coming out of the barrier and above the barrier the river was full with the water being diverted. this is not irrigation season so i'm not sure what the purpose of diverting is. kind of pisses me off actually. on the way down i hit a few more spots and got railed by a nice 20" hen. unfortunately this fish engulfed my articulated streamer so deep that by the time i got the hook out a gill came out with the streamer. the fish was fixin to be dead so i bleed it and brought it home. i don't keep but matbe 4 fish a year and never keep fish of that size unless i have to. i prefer to keep fish in the 16-17"class but it was either me or the hawks/eagles so it is what it is. bummer!

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DerekO said...

Looks like a fun day!