Friday, February 11, 2011

Wool Lined Booties (report)

After a little over a year of my leaky patagonias sitting in storage waiting for me to stop procrastinating i finally sent them in for repair about 6 weeks ago. once they received my waders they gave me a call to notify me of their arrival. then they called me again a little later once they had determind that the booties needed replaced. they offered to either replace the booties for free or for $45 i could get patagonia's new wool lined booties which they now have in their newest waders. my feet do get cold pretty easy so i opted for the wool lined ones thinking that they would be pretty sweet. welp after 2 outings in them i have determined that they were a waste of $45. my feet were no warmer in them, in fact, today my toes froze. i guess i expected my feet to orgasm with each step with the upgrade. oh well it was worth a try.

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