Sunday, February 13, 2011

New/Old Waters

jakes 1st of the day

jakes smaller fish

my best fish

this is the old river bed

i'm standing where a good run used to be

I got a text from jake this morning bright and early, bright and early for me cause i spent the night at the club drinking, that he was headed to the river in about 45 min. i really wanted to just fall back asleep but couldn't so i texted him back and we arranged to meet at the river at 0830. the weather was supposed to be in the high 40's so of course we rigged up with some meat. the morning started off fairly well with some morning fish on the move. a few missed and a few caught. usually the fishing picks up for us as afternoon time approaches but today, for some reason, the fishing pretty much shut down come afternoon time. as we made our way up into some water that we hadn't fished in months we quickly noticed that a section of the river had completely re-routed itself. it was depressing to see cause some really good holes and runs that i was looking forward to fishing again were almost all dried up. i would say that about a 1/2 mile of the old river was gone. there was a spot higher up where a small trickle left the main river and meandered back along the hillside, but now it has become the river chanel and at that point, where the river used to run is gone.


Zach said...

Nice fish. I like the hat too.

Bigerrfish said...

Well done guys! we are supposed to see the 40s here in western Colorado.. Meat box is ready for it.. as well as a box of tidbits case they cant run fast.