Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1/2 Day

Was gonna fish after i got austin to school but it was still freezing ass cold and windy. i gave it a couple of hours to see what the weather would do. the wind died down adn the temp's warmed up to the low 30's. good enough for me! hit some local waters and when i got to the river the flows were great with a slight stain to the water. loaded with a streamer i nailed a nice little cuttie right off the bat. as i fished upstream i hit a few more fish. i fished to the diversion and as i made a few casts i heard a weird noise and looked over at the diversion and watched the water coming out get cut off at least by 1/2. well that sucked! the fishing pretty much shut down from there. made the long walk back catching one small brown along the way.


Scott said...

Nice Cuttie!

Jory Ward said...

Nice fish, Great photos.