Friday, February 18, 2011

An Outing With Grizzly Adams

fell for the provo hooker

brown release


drink break

golden brown

another finpusher photo

hands of a surgeon

dripping trout - angler finpusher

the beav has seen better days

finpusher's jumping fish

green sun

finpusher's brown

sunset on the way home

I had the pleasure of fishing with collin (aka finpusher) today. he almost vag'd out on me just like jake did put he did come through. we were almost to the river when i got pulled over. i though this cop was going to t-bone me when he did his u-turn. seemed like he made his move before i even drove by him. once the officer got to the window collin used my uncle flies helicopters for you guys........can you just give us a warning instead of a ticket routine. the officer had only been a highway patrolmen for about 2 months. i think collin's ruggedness scared the officer into submission. we made it to the river to find out we had the whole river to ourselves, it's always nice when there isn't another soul around. as is becoming the norm we started by throwing some streamers. collin right away picked a nice little brown off of the boulder strewn shore line. i on the otherhand couldn't even turn a fish. once we got to a certain point on the river we changed to nymphs. i had apparently left my favorite nymph box in another friends jeep so i was scrapping for scraps. i had to scavenge whatever smaller type nymphs i could muster from my spare tire cover and my ceiling before we left my jeep. i had rigged up my nymphs but wasn't overly confident with my selection but i felt it was the best i had. after a couple of casts i told collin that i wish i had my sows and he offered what he had to me. i threw on one of his sows and the 1st cast i hooked into a nice fish but as soon as it went airborne it spit the hook. next cast i landed a nice brown and from there on out it was pretty consistant, one acrobatic fish after another. the temp's were on the chilly side, in the low 30's but the wind was kind to us. it was a really nice spent roping lots of fiesty browns and snapping lots of pics.


Jory Ward said...

Nice Fish, thanks for sharing.

Scott said...

Got some more leapers! Very nice.


Very nice pics...really enjoyed. Got to love the Loomis...

Pat said...

Fuck Yea!!