Thursday, January 14, 2010

Utah Recreational Water user Bill HB80.........

is released to the public. Thanks to chris, bryan and all the others for all they are doing to make shit happen. i know chris, especially has been putting in some major overtime for all of us waterway users. bryan sent this e-mail out the other day.

Representative Fowlke released the much anticipated Recreational water Bill today!!
The process of this Bill started right after the end of last years session. It involved input from all sides, the DWR and it included the public. This was an ongoing process that lasted though the late Fall. Although, not everyone got exactly what they wanted, all groups on both sides compromised and tried diligently to make this a win-win. Unfortunately, there is always one in the bunch....the FB will not be backing this. They are unwilling to compromise and were set on the language stating "wet-boot" rather than "ordinary high water mark".
HB 80 -->
PDF -->
Keep up the good work!
Bryan Gregson

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