Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Korkers Predator Boots...Kling-On Soles

I ordered a pair of these predators with the kling-on soles to have something other then my simms w/studded aquastealth soles. soemthing i could wear in a boat without gacking it all up. i have had korkers in the past and found them a lot lighter then my simms and weight was also a key factor in my decisions to buy another pair of korkers. i love my simms but wanted something different and had heard good things about the kling-on soles. these aslo come equipped with the boa lace system and it definately kicks ass, really simple to use. this is alsotheir first boot with a fixed sole, not interchangeable. my only knock on my previous korkers has been durability. they didn't seem nearly as durable as my simms but i am optimistic about these predators. i have only used them three times but have been extremely impressed with the soles. they are gripping really well, including in the snow, when usually i would slip. i have tested three river bottoms and have had no complaints as of yet. it's been a long time since i've had boots without cleats and don't feel i need them anymore. the real test for me now will be how long andhow much wear and tear they can withstand. only time will tell. all in all i am very impressed and i hope i continue to be impressed.

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