Sunday, January 3, 2010

East of Salt Lake

old homestead

lots of shelf ice

jet stream

sow's and prince's

pig sticker's and san juan's
endulged in some baetis

bronzed brown
mike's midge

Made my way east to check out the canyon. as was reorted to me a couple of weeks ago there is lots of shelf ice, but some open stretches could be found. i drove down the snow covered dirt road aways till i came acrossed a hole that had done well for me in the past. 1st cast brought a smaller brown (13"or so) to me. unfortunately nothing after that. with all the shelf ice and the nippy ass cold, since the sun hadn't reached inside the canyon yet, i bounced. i drove another 20 miles east getting pulled over in the process for 14mph over. got off with a warning, thank god. got back on the river by 10:30 and off at 2:30. the weather was nice, blue skies and absolutely no wind. the water had dropped some making the flows a little more desireable, at least to me. the usual honey holes did not offer up so much as a hooked fish, quite surprising. i did manage a few nice fish though so that made for an enjoyable day. these were the 1st fish of the year for me


jabberwock said...

Dang if that is where I think it is.... it is really frozen over more than I remember seeing it. You guys must be cold.

Scott said...

Mike, looks like a decent little trip. Mind sharing what size you tie the Pig Stickers? Dang, I sure miss it out there!

mike doughty said...

i believe these are on a size 4 hook scott.