Monday, January 18, 2010

Another Garbage Day

Had MLK day off and didn't feel like a lengthy drive so i headed over a canyon. i walked the creek up to the dam and it was mostly walking. the flows have been dropped again just making the fishing to damn tough. today was a day, apparently, more for picture taking then fishing. there seems to be only a few select holes that are holding fish and they are mostly whitefish. i turned over a few rocks and snapped some shots. took a few scenery shots but got no pics of any fish. i caught one small cutt on a stonefly and that was it. the fishing sucked today, there is no other way to put it. i did have to stop in the road for 30-40 turkeys or so, that was cool to see. i did however enjoy taking different photos


Bigerrfish said...

garbage day? sheesh! some of us didn't even see water today, I hope today is a garbage day

Scott said...

That stonefly on the reel is flippin' sexy! I dig it. Hell of a good walk by the looks of things.