Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Green

Met up with pat and scott (RnF) in coalville at 4am so we could get to the river by 8. when we arrived there wasn't a soul around. the air was brisk but the wind was mellow. pat had read a report that most everything was working so i rigged up with a streamer on one rod and another rod was set up to swing soft hackles. it was a slow morning, actually a slow day, the fishing wasn't that good and the hatches were almost non-existant. we saw only a few risers and a few midges. a streamer didn't produce but swinging a small syl's midge and a standard soft hackle did. i was surprised that most of the fish caught were rainbows. nothing of size for any of us. scott did get one that was 'bout 17", but most fish were in the 14" range. the wind did eventually get roaring which made the day even colder. my patagonia waders did not have any leaks before the day started but during the course of the day i accrued to leaks in my left leg and one in my right. what a bunch of crap cause now both my waders have leaks. i will send these in instead of trying to fix them. we left the river about 5 and had dinner up at the lodge. pat for some reason bought dinner, i guess the person who catches the fewest fish buys. scott seemed like a cool dude and it was good to meet him.


Bigerrfish said...

sounds like a great time, sorry to hear about your waders..

Nathan Ira said...

Ya, bummer about the waders. Green River and Patty waders must not mix well...that's where i discovered my first leak too. Dunno if you saw my thread on UTOF but I took out my new Guidewaters yesterday and I'm stoked. Good luck!

CoreyK said...

Good stuff Mike .. All but the leaky waders, that is.