Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Gave it a shot

Well today the weather was in the mid 40's so after work i couldn't pass up the chance to throw some streamers. i headed to some familiar water, rigged up and got to fishing. i figured with the cooler temp's the fish would be huddle in the deeper pools so that is where i concentrated most of my efforts. one thing you can always count on when fishing this river is trash, primarily beer cans. i'm not sure why it's so hard for people to carry their trash out with them, i mean if you can pack it in then your bitch ass should be able to pack it out, especially cans. i mean when they are empty they are certainly lighter. anyway the fishing was slow as i expected but i did manage to get a decent fish to follow and i also lost one right after it went air born. i generally don't throw streamers this early in the year so i can almost call it a successful day of January streamerin. on the way out i stopped by a spot where i saw 2 piles of approximately 1/2 racks and loaded up my net. that was my biggest haul of the day.

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