Monday, December 26, 2011

Urban Fishery

There's nothing more unappealing then fishing around populated areas of water, but i found a new piece on a familiar body of water so me and jake gave it a go. after a long walk thru tall frosted grass i was given the go ahead from jake to give the first hole a work over. 1 cast and jake netted my first fish of the day. already this stretch was feeling electric. unfortunately i have always felt that a fish on the first cast was a bad omen. after a few more fish in that area, including jakes 21" brown, i was having second thoughts about that bad omen. we landed a few fish right away and then, of course, things really cooled down for us. it wasn't until our last hole that shit got scorching hot. about 2 hours of rotating out with each other we figured we took probably close 2 a couple dozen fish out of this spot. the water looked fishy but certainly not that fishy. at about that point houses started to come into view so we called it a day and made the long walk back to the jeep. pretty damn good day with great weather to boot.


Richard said...

Nice fish Mike. Jake's Brown is a pig.

Bigerrfish said...

Nice! way nice!