Sunday, December 4, 2011

Where's the Beef?

I picked up scott at o' dark thirty and after a quick pit stop for some grub we descended upon our destination. the morning was extremely chilled, which made getting out of the jeep to gear up a real chore. as we were gearing up a truck pulled up along side of us and i feared it was other fishermen, luckily it was just duck hunters. they crossed the fence and within 5 minutes several shots were fired and they were walking back to their truck with duck in hand. that was a quick hunt, and off they drove. we fished our way up about 1/2 of this section with scott getting the only fish, so instead of continuing up we chose to walk back to the jeep and try a different piece of liquid ice. even though we arrived at the new section at noonish there was not another vehicle in sight. a rare phenomena indeed. we had the river to ourselves. it might have been fished in the morning but we were still optimistic that the fish would be active. my luck certainly made a positive change. i was able to wrangle a handful of solid fish, while scott did mot fair so well. for some reason i have noticed that the last couple times of fishing there that it seems the fish aren't as big as normal. i'd say a couple inches on average actually. although the fish are as spunky as ever, i'd like to know where all the bigger boys and girls have gone.


Richard said...

Love the last shot Mike.

Bigerrfish said...

Whoa!,,, now that'd be BEEF!