Sunday, January 29, 2012

Long Time no Fish

Scott was good enough to join me to check out some water that hasn't been fisheable since run-off earlier this year. it's finally close to normal flows and is in excellent shape. i had really high hopes for today since the water had to uv been virtually un-touched all year. the river fished the same as it has during past winters, iffy. we started nymphing but with the weather warming up nicely, and me not being able to touch a fish i switched to a small streamer. i have never thrown a streamer in there in the almost 7 years i have fished it and on my first cast with the streamer i nailed a fiesty little brown. a few cast later i was stripping my streamer next to a big rock hoping too pull something out of it's dark lies but instead i saw this fish come barreling from the middle of the creek and put the how you doin on my fly. after that scott switch to a streamer as well but wasn't getting much attention. scott flip flopped back and forth between nymphing and streamers and after switching to a white streamer he had some success with both techniques. i moved about 10-12 fish with the streamer but only landed a small few. the weather was about as good as we could've asked for for a january day. on the way out we followed some cougar tracks down the road.

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