Thursday, January 19, 2012

TFO Warranty

About 2 years ago i busted my Ticr. i finally sent it in last thursday. it is a rod i built and it was tip section that broke. today i got the rod back with a new tip section. i guess my point of this post is $25 and only a week later it's ready to be re-built. compared to other companies i've sent stuff back to, TFO is by far the best.


Fly and Fin said...

It's all about customer service. Good to see when a company stands behind there stuff.

dmnaz1 said...

I had similar experience with TFO earlier this year. I broke a rod in three places (two sections). For a $30 processing fee (I'm in Canada eh) they had replacement sections back to me in two weeks. I bought another TFO rod later in the summer, largely because of their service.